Welcome to Mapviewer MVDEMO Samples App

MapViewer is shipped as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware. It provides powerful geospatial data visualization services. To run the MVDEMO Samples App, please follow the below steps.

Getting started

Here are main steps that can get you started.

  • Please make sure to backup your existing application files and MapViewer configuration files.
  • Un-deploy or delete your existing mapviewer installation,then deploy the new mapviewer.ear file.
  • Download and import the MVDEMO Sample Data(for tutorials and demos) and the Storm Sample Data(only for demos)
  • Add those mvdemo and storm data sources to your mapviewer server.
  • Use the JView demo to quickly view your spatial data. You can find it under the Demos/Mapviewer Feature Demos tab.

Tips to setup the samples data

  • First confirm that the required database views exist. If the database version is 10gR2 (10.2.x.x) or later then the USER_SDO_CACHED_MAPS, USER_SDO_MAPS, USER_SDO_THEMES, and USER_SDO_STYLES views should exist. If the user_sdo_cached_maps view does not exist but the rest do then exceute the mcsdefinition.sql script as a DBA or SYS user. The script is located in the MapViewer deployment's admin directory, i.e. $MAPVIEWER_HOME/web/WEB-INF/admin/mcsdefinition.sql, where $MAPVIEWER_HOME is the root directory of this MapViewer instance.Note: this is a database-side one time task. To check whether your db has been configured with these views, just log in as any user, and run the query "desc user_sdo_cached_maps". If it returns the descriptive information about the view user_sdo_cached_maps then the required views exist.
  • Drop the DB user 'mvdemo', if it exists and contains only previously imported demo data for MapViewer. If you have your own data in that schema, you should make a backup copy before dropping the user. Now recreate this 'mvdemo' db user. Or just create another database user for this tutorial, if you intend to keep the existing 'mvdemo' user. Now unzip the new demo dataset (mvdemo.zip) that comes with this release. Then follow the instructions in its readme file to import the data and run the mvdemo.sql script as the new user. This will setup the demo data set for the examples in this tutorial. Note: the mvdemo.sql script will also create the map cache instances.
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What is Oracle Maps

Oracle Maps is a new feature of MapViewer. It consists of a free scrolling AJAX-based web mapping interface, a flexible and open JavaScript API, a server-side map image caching engine and a Feature of Interest (FOI) server.